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the most effective way to remove permanent and semi-permanent tattoos 

Isabel Collado,es nuestra especialista en Microblading y Micropigmentación de Cejas, Labios, Eyeliner, Reconstrucción de Areolas y Eliminación de Tatuajes.


Isabel cuenta con una dilatada y reconocida experiencia en el sector, realizará un minucioso diagnóstico personalizado y te asesorará acerca del tratamiento que logrará un resultado óptimo.

¿Tienes alguna duda sobre eliminación de tatuajes?

What is Laser tattoo removal ?

Laser tattoo removal allows to erase an unwanted or damaged  permanent and semipermanent tattoos

At Noble Art we have the latest technology for tattoo removal in the most effective way.

How does it work? The laser fragments the pigments that are subsequently eliminated thanks to macrophages, cells located in the tissues responsible for destroying waste organisms.

Subsequently, the blood cells manage to metabolize the pigment particles until it disappears.


Descubre el antes y después de la eliminación de tatuajes

Recupera tu piel gracias a la última tecnología para la eliminación de tatuajes 


The complete removal of a tattoo depends on the characteristics of each person. Our specialist will carry out a personalized assessment to estimate the sessions need.

Yes, the laser technique allows the total removal of tattoos, microblading and micropigmentation.

You will wait at least 2 months until the next tattoo practice in the same area of the tattoo removal

  • The specialist will indicate the post-treatment cream and how to apply it.
  • You should not sunbathe for weeks after the treatment.
  • It will be necessary to wash with soap and water 3 times a day.

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