Chest tattoos

Chest tattoos are an example of sensual ink art. It is one of the most visually appealing areas for great design with captivating and fascinating possibilities.


Our chest tattoos

These are some of the chest tattoos that we offer at Noble Art. Come and find yours!

Recommendations when getting your chest tattoo



The area is the first thing

You can choose different areas to tattoo your chest: side, sternum, cleavage, upper part... You choose the one you like the most!



Maximum discretion

With any chest tattoo, whatever the area, you can effortlessly hide your design in most cases and show it off freely whenever you want.



No friction

On the day of the tattoo, wear a blouse with a wide neckline to keep it safe from rubbing, and try not to wear a bra if it is in direct contact with the tattoo.



Extreme care

The chest is an area that generates the most sweat and is in constant contact with the breasts or clothing. You must take care of this area carefully and it is preferable not to get a tattoo in summer as it carries a greater risk of infection.

Frequently asked questions before getting a chest tattoo

Frequently asked questions before getting a chest tattoo

What designs are usually tattooed on the chest?

If you want to get a tattoo on your chest, you must first select the specific area, since depending on the area, one design or another will look better. Next, we will give you some ideas for tattoos depending on the area:
On the sternum, mandala-shaped tattoos and those related to the universe such as stars, moons, constellations... are very successful.
Under the chest, words, phrases or dates are ideal.
On the side of the chest, you can get small tattoos, usually related to nature, the universe or the animal world.

To sleep, try to lie on your back so as not to damage the tattoo design. To do this, we recommend that you place small pillows under each of your knees. If this makes you feel too inclined backwards, add pillows under your head.

Apply warm water to the chest, without rubbing and gently. You can use a bath sponge but one that is new and specific for this purpose. Do not use one you already have at home, as you can transmit bacteria and infect the wound.
If the tattoo begins to have scabs, do not remove them, let them fall off on their own to avoid friction with them. Dab the tattoo with the sponge or your hands, without exerting any pressure on it. Repeat this procedure every time you shower and even every time you wash the tattoo.

This area is considered one of the most painful areas behind the ribs, hands or neck, because the skin is thinner, more sensitive and close to bone areas. It has little fat, so that the friction of the needle is much more painful.
Also, if you tattoo the area below the chest and near the ribs, it is possible that the pain will last for days afterward, since the area will move when breathing, which will cause some discomfort.

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