Geometric tattoos

Perfection and precision characterize our geometric style tattoo artists, which makes the level and quality of tattoos impeccable and unbeatable.

Geometric tattoos for lovers of perfection

The versatility of geometric tattoos in the use of different figures and shapes offers infinite possibilities, although it is true that they are generally squares, triangles, rhombuses or circles.

The objective of geometric tattoos is to express a particular idea and meaning and have a symmetry in the balance and harmony of life, precisely symbolizing life, nature and the world in general.

Emulating the perfect patterns present in nature, geometric tattoos are characterized by precision, being both simple and complex, always producing forceful, elegant and timeless results.

The technique of this style of tattoo is minimalist, since very fine and clean lines are usually used. Generally only black ink is employed, although color is becoming increasingly popular, but in a secondary way, and generally when another style is introduced in combination with the geometric one. It can also be defined as an abstract style, since most of the designs are based on this characteristic, although it is not the only one, since within this same style there are different nuances and variants.


Our geometric tattoo creations

Our geometric style artists

Daniel Martínez


David Salcedo


Daiana Gómez

Fine Line

Edu Cortés


Erik Espinosa


Marc Lledó




Fernando de León

Fine line

Hernán Noble


María Mercedes


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