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Show off a stylized, intense and permanent look with eye micropigmentation or eyeliner micropigmentation.



If you want your lips to look rejuvenated and with an improved and attractive appearance, lip micropigmentation is ideal.



Improve the general appearance of the face and harmonize it with eyebrow micropigmentation. Our professionals will carry out a visagism study to find out the ideal shape, tone and style for your face.



Areola micropigmentation is usually used when a mastectomy or some other surgical intervention has been performed, such as a breast implant, and where a total reconstruction of the mammary areola is needed.

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Recommendations when performing a micropigmentation



Protect yourself from the sun

It is recommended that you not sunbathe or directly knock the area to be pigmented for 3 to 4 days before and protect yourself carefully during the 7 days after applying the technique.




If a scab appears, it is important not to touch it, and especially not to scratch or tear it off until it falls off on its own to avoid generating scars or damaging the result.



Clean the area daily

Wash the micropigmented area daily to prevent dirt from accumulating and risk of infection. The ideal is to do it three times a day but without scrubbing or rubbing, it will suffice to apply water and then pat dry with a towel.



No makeup

During the first days after the micropigmentation treatment, you should stop applying makeup or cosmetics. Otherwise, the area could become infected because it is common for makeup products to accumulate bacteria that can infect the area.

Do you want to remove a micropigmentation treatment?

At Noble Art, we also take care of eliminating micropigmentation through a laser treatment without affecting the rest of the skin. We carry out the sessions that are necessary until we achieve the total elimination of micropigmentation in the area you want.


Frequently asked questions before micropigmentation

How long does it take to heal from micropigmentation?

The inflammation caused by micropigmentation generally does not last more than 48 hours, and in general, the scab that forms on the skin comes off after about 15 or 20 days, depending on the type of skin and specific case and if the recommendations given by the specialist are followed.

If it is true that some tolerable pain is experienced, although it depends on the area and the pain threshold of each person. Lips and eyes are more sensitive areas. However, the pain is considered to be more bearable in the eyebrows.

Scars are marks on the body that nobody wants to show off, except when they are exposed to society. For its part, micropigmentation can also be used to cover and temporarily eliminate these scars, although it is important to understand that not all scars are the same, nor will they respond in the same way to treatments.

Micropigmentation can reduce and conceal small scars on the skin, arising from burns or wounds, and it is suitable for correcting asymmetries in the areolas of women's breasts.

Micropigmentation of eyebrows is one of the trendiest treatments among celebrities around the world, some of them are: Michelle Obama, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Beyoncé. 

As for Spanish cerebritis, these are some who have opted for this semi-permanent eyebrow makeup technique: Blanca Suárez, Paula Echevarría, Vicky Martín Berrocal, Rocío Osorno, Lujan Argüelles, Tamara Falcó...

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