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Remove your tattoos with full guarantee and safety. All our studios follow strict cleaning and sanitary standards, guaranteeing the result of tattoo removal and all of our services, as well as comfortable, relaxing spaces, with personalized attention, oriented to the needs of our clients.

Tattoo removal

In our tattoo studios we also offer a laser tattoo removal service, which allows you to erase an unwanted tattoo, or one that has lost its good appearance.



Latest technology

At Noble Art, we have the latest laser technology for tattoo removal in the most efficient, fast and effective way for all skin types and tattoos.



Our laser treatment

The laser hits the ink and breaks it into many parts. The body detects all of these parts as foreign, and that's when elimination (mostly via white blood cells) occurs.



Personalized monitoring

It is normal for more doubts to arise, and that is why we offer personalized monitoring after each session. We are here to help you, so do not hesitate to contact us or visit us.



Excellent results

We guarantee complete tattoo removal. The number of sessions necessary to completely erase a tattoo can be from 3 to 7, since it will depend on several factors (type of ink, composition or density).

Look at the results! With laser technology the results are evident from the first session. See the evolution and how the traces of a tattoo gradually disappear.  Laser technology can remove large and small tattoos, in colour, fresh and old.

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Frequently asked questions in

We will solve all the doubts and queries you have about tattoo removal here. Check it out!

How many sessions does it take to remove my tattoo?

The complete removal of a tattoo depends on the characteristics of each person. Our specialist will carry out a personalized assessment with which an estimate of the necessary sessions in your specific case will be obtained, although it will always depend on the evolution of the skin.

Yes, the total removal of tattoos, microblading and micropigmentation is achieved using the laser technique for tattoo removal.

You may think that laser removal treatment burns the skin and the ink disappears, but that is not exactly the case. Laser treatment consists of disintegrating the ink particles in the tattoo: a high intensity light is directed at the pigmentation and dissolves it, the body absorbs it and excretes it through the body's natural immune system.

But how is it expelled? 
The ink residue can be expelled through urine, feces or sweat. However, do not think that sweat and other secretions will come out in another color, the laser converts them into tiny molecules imperceptible to the human eye.

It is recommended to wait at least a month and a half to start removing tattoos with the laser. However, we must say that it will always depend a bit on the tattoo in question, skin, healing, etc.

This is the recommended waiting period because you have to give the skin time to regenerate, after having been damaged during the tattoo process. Also, because at the time we get tattooed, the ink is in a liquid state, so our body's lymphatic system detects the foreign substance and encapsulates the pigment, so we must give our lymphatic system time to encapsulate the ink.

For the realization of a new tattoo in the area affected by the removal of an old one, a minimum of two months must elapse.

It is common for slight redness and/or inflammation of the skin to appear in the area of the tattoo, which will depend on the sensitivity of the skin and in no case will it be a wound or a scab. After 24-48 hours, this reaction will disappear, as long as you apply an anti-inflammatory cream as soon as you finish the laser session and repeat it every 12 hours.

There should be no scarring or mark, after following this recommendation and avoiding sun exposure for 10 or 15 days after removal, as well as not going to a sauna or doing intense physical exercise in the 24 hours after to the laser session.

Our recommendation is:
– Remove the film that we have put on you after 4-5 hours
– Wash with soap and water, with clean hands
– Let dry in the air, or with kitchen paper. This way we will avoid leaving any kind of waste.
– Apply cream.
– Repeat this process at least 2-3 times a day for 10-15 days.

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