Fine line tattoos

A demanding and sophisticated tattoo style. This style is very demanding of our renowned artists, as it involves sophisticated details and subtle shapes.

Our fine line tattoo creations

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Fine line tattoos: when less is more

Elegance, magic and delicacy in a 'tattoo', that's what fine line tattoos are like. They stand out for being drawings, letters, words, phrases... with a fine line and a generally small design.

Fine line tattoos are perfect if you are looking for a delicate, elegant and discreet result but with a lot of detail: they require less time than a large one and are more sophisticated and subtle.

Due to these advantages, fine line tattoos are some of the most popular, but it is also essential to put yourself in the hands of expert tattoo artists in this style to achieve the best possible result, since getting a really refined line—normally in a small size—is complex and laborious work at which our renowned tattoo artists are masters.

Fine line tattoos are made with very thin needles, so you will feel less pain than you would with a more traditional style tattoo, in which thicker lines are used. Also, with these finer needles, tattoo artists can achieve greater precision and detail in more complex designs.