Traditional tattoos

At our studios, you can get traditional tattoos and energetically colorful neo-traditional crossovers that will turn heads wherever you go.

Our tradi tattoo creations

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Traditional tattoos: solid, forceful and traditional

Also known as old school tattoos, they represent the "Traditional American" tattoo: forceful pieces whose theme and shapes continue to be maintained over time. Many people are joining this wave that represents American culture through images.

What characterizes traditional tattoos is the outline, delimited with black, pure, solid and simple lines. In addition to black, red, yellow, green and brown are used for the designs. Iconography is key in traditional tattoos, and romantic, naval, patriotic motifs are common, as well as hearts, portraits of women in the pin-up style and skulls. Finally, the designs that characterize traditional tattoos are usually simple, although capturing them is complex. They offer a certain lack of volumes, and the lights and shadows tend to be reduced to very small details.

At Noble Art, we also have great and renowned tattoo artists in this traditional style, which is of vital importance, since traditional tattoos contain a unique essence that remains over time and that only real experts manage to capture on the skin. Tattooing is a lifestyle, and tradi tattoos exemplify this due to their origins and solid history, kept alive in the skin of those who choose and continue to choose this style.