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Eyebrow threading

Get eyebrows with a more natural effect with eyebrow threading. If your skin is sensitive, this is the procedure you have been waiting for.


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This is how we apply eyebrow waxing with threading at Noble Art.

Recommendations when performing eyebrow threading



Exfoliated skin

Exfoliate the skin before waxing to clean all impurities. Of course, at least within four days after the session, we recommend not exfoliating it.



Clean zone

Washing the area to be treated with hot water is recommended to dilate the pore and make waxing less painful afterwards.



The 24 hours after are key

Try to use shea butter for hours after waxing. It has calming and relaxing properties to soothe the skin.



Avoid sun and sports

For at least 24 hours after waxing, try to avoid sun exposure and exercise.

Frequently asked questions about eyebrow threading

It is important to follow a series of tips after eyebrow threading so that it lasts as long as possible and to know how to care for the skin: After waxing, cold water or ice should be applied to soothe the skin and close the pores. Next, apply moisturizer, so that the skin is hydrated.

If there is hair that has not been shaved, it is not recommended to remove it with tweezers, since the area has suffered an attack and it takes a few days for the skin to recover.

As with any type of hair removal, you should avoid sun exposure or exercise for at least 24 hours.

We recommend not exfoliating the face, for at least 4 days after the session and very important: avoid touching your face with dirty hands to avoid possible infection and/or the appearance of pimples.

The duration of eyebrow threading is one of the issues that generates the most interest. And the truth is that this eyebrow waxing technique can last up to four weeks: it involves pulling out the hair by the roots, as well as weakening it.

These are two very different techniques, and for this reason there are also different aspects to take into account. Depending on which one best suits you, you should choose one or the other:

If you have sensitive skin and redness appears instantly, the best thing is to use eyebrow waxing with thread. It is a less painful treatment and ideal for sensitive skin.

Threading is extremely precise, and therefore usually takes longer, since you have to go hair by hair, an ideal technique for eyebrow waxing.

If you advocate respect and animal care, you should know that wax comes from bees, and on the contrary, the thread only uses a couple of cotton threads.

Threading is your best ally if you need a drastic change and want to exactly recreate the most suitable eyebrow shape for your face.

Threading is a method that was used in the past and has been put back into practice due to its surprising and refined results. In addition, this technique provides a wide variety of benefits and advantages:

  • It is 100% natural, so it is perfectly indicated for people who suffer from skin sensitivity, irritations, allergies, etc.
  • It involves pulling out the hair from the roots: over time, the hair becomes weaker and it will become easier to remove it.
  • As it is such a precise and neat technique, it leads to a very careful eyebrow design.
  • It is a perfect method to eliminate dead skin cells, as well as soften the first-time wrinkles that we may have on the skin. It is ideal to better care for our skin.
  • In addition, it is not irritating and does not harm the health of the dermis at all. It makes the effects of hair removal more durable than with wax or tweezers.
  • Being a method for which only cotton thread is used, at no time does it have a negative impact on our environment.

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