Tattoos on the legs

The leg is a large area that offers infinite possibilities for tattooing. Think up your own work of art, and Noble Art will make it come true.


Our leg tattoos

These are some of the leg tattoos that we offer at Noble Art. Come and find yours!

Recommendations when getting your leg tattoo



Choose the area

The inner part of the thigh, the knee, the calf and the ankle and the area under the buttocks are more sensitive than the areas of the rest of the leg.



One or several sessions

You will have to go to the studio once or several times, depending on the size of the tattoo. Although the time will vary depending on the details, styles, backgrounds and colors you want to include...



Clothes are important

The first days after the tattoo, avoid excessively tight clothing such as stockings or sports leggings and in general any fabric that increases sweating.




Leg tattoos need continuous and specific care. It is essential to follow the recommendations of our artists at all times. They will be at your complete disposal throughout the process.

Frequently asked questions before getting a leg tattoo.

We answer all your questions about leg tattoos.

How long does a leg tattoo last?

The leg tattoo usually takes two to four weeks to heal, although it depends on the size of the tattoo, the tattooed area, the skin and the care you carry out. Regarding the time that a tattoo lasts in this area of the body, it also depends on many factors, but in general you will begin to see wear after 10 or 15 years: fine lines will suffer the most loss of sharpness and thick ones will best withstand the passage of time.

During the first week after the tattoo on the leg, the first scabs should have already appeared. It is important not to rub and avoid any rubbing, try to avoid wearing rough or tight clothing that can interfere with the healing process, better bet on soft and loose clothing during the first weeks and until the scabs have disappeared.

There are recommendations and tips that you can take into account before getting a tattoo on your leg. Some of them are the following:
- It is important to drink plenty of water during the week before and on the day of the tattoo to keep your energy high, balanced and your skin hydrated: being perfectly hydrated will make the tattoo process easier for the artists and less painful for you.
- At least 24 hours before getting tattooed, it is advisable not to take anticoagulants, such as alcohol and aspirin, to limit the amount of bleeding during the session.
- You can go to the Noble Art studios with the area shaved two days before so that the area of the skin is not irritated. If you cannot do that, our artists will take care of the shaving, since we use the most suitable sterilized tools.
- Try and be relaxed and calm so that the process goes as well as possible and you enjoy the experience.

Any type of tattoo entails minimal care and hygiene, tattoos on the legs also require some key habits so that the tattoo lasts longer, the expected results are achieved and no ink is lost in the process. Therefore, we recommend following the following guidelines:
- The tattooed skin must always be clean and sanitized, it is advisable to use soap and water and carefully pass it over the tattoo, do not rub or squeeze the tattooed area.
- In the shower, avoid direct water jets on the tattooed area, apply the water gently and little by little.
- Dry the skin with soft touches, avoid rubbing in any way so as not to lose the tint, pigments...
- Apply a mild moisturizer to the tattooed skin several times a day.
- The sun is the great enemy of the skin and, therefore, also of tattoos: do not expose the tattooed area to the sun for several weeks after getting tattooed, and always use high-coverage protection afterwards.
- It is also important to know how to choose clothes: avoid tight pants and anything that could stick to the tattoo. Always wear soft and loose clothing.
Let the scabs fall off on their own, do not pick or touch them, as this could damage the design and destroy part of the tattoo.
If you think that the tattoo may be infected, do not hesitate to see your doctor or dermatologist.

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