Arm tattoos

Arm tattoos are some of the most common, as the arm is one of the areas that hurts the least. Its attractiveness and space allow all kinds of tattoos, styles, shapes, etc. There are no limits!


Our arm tattoos

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Recommendations when getting an arm tattoo



Choose the area of the arm to tattoo

On the upper part of the arm, on the elbow, lower part... or the whole arm. Decide the location and size of the tattoo you are looking for: at Noble Art, we advise you on what you need and accompany you throughout the process.



Wax the arm before tattooing

You have to remove any type of hair before tattooing the arm. The reason? Primarily, it's a question of hygiene, and shaving is best left to the artist, as they use a sterile, disposable razor as part of the process.



Protect your arm tattoo from the sun

Arm tattoos are directly exposed to the sun, so it is advisable to use constant sun protection to avoid losing quality and prevent them from fading over time.



Avoid rubbing against clothes

Wear soft, loose clothing to avoid friction and rubbing against the tattoo, both on the day of getting the tattoo and during the healing process. Also, avoid scratching the tattoo, as it can damage its definition.

Frequently asked questions before getting an arm tattoo

We solve all your doubts about tattoos on the arm.

How to sleep with a tattoo on your arm?

On the first night afterwards, the arm tattoo should be kept covered with transparent film to avoid rubbing against the sheets but without applying cream, otherwise there would be overhydration that would be detrimental to the conservation of the ink.

Over the following nights and as the tattoo on the arm heals, you should continue using the film or try not to let it rub or touch the sheets or cushions. During this healing process, it is important for the tattoo not to rub against anything, whenever possible.

Men often choose to tattoo their entire arm, which is known as a 'full sleeve'. Both the back and upper arms are covered in ink up to the wrist, so they can be perfectly covered with a long-sleeved garment.

But tattooing one arm or the other have any special meaning? Indeed, tattooing the left arm is a manifestation of introverted people with repressed desires, while tattooing the right arm means a more confident personality.

There are many areas of the arm that can be tattooed, and those initiating themselves in the world of tattooing often make different choices to those who already have a few on them.

One of the areas of the arm that is most used to create spectacular designs on the skin is the inner side of the arm, near the elbow: the most common area for minimalist designs, full color tattoos or floral designs.

It is true that as it is an area little or less exposed to the sun's rays, the skin is lighter and more sensitive, so it is usually more painful to get a tattoo there than on any other part of the arm. However, the designs look much better thanks to the contrast between the ink and the color of the skin and also the space to tattoo is also larger.

During the first weeks after getting an arm tattoo, this is also a wound that must be healed, not just a work of art, which is why it is essential to follow a care routine. And without a doubt, the final result will not depend solely on the design, but on the skin of each person and the subsequent care that it carries out, so we recommend that all the indications of the tattoo artists be followed to prevent complications. Here are a few:
- Wear the bandage that will be given to you at the studio to protect the tattoo from bacteria for a of 24 hours. Usually it is plastic wrap or a film called dermalize.
- When touching the tattoo, you must always wash your hands beforehand, it is important to sanitize to avoid possible infections.
- If you wash the tattoo, always do it with warm or cold water and neutral soap, without perfume. Pat the skin dry with a single-use towel or kitchen paper.
- After washing the arm tattoo, do not cover it again with the initial bandage: protect the skin with a little cream or special ointment for tattoos.
The tattoo on the arm will be completely healed depending on your healing process, the area of the tattoo and the care you have given it. But in general it should be healed in about 4 or 6 weeks.

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