Tattoos on the foot.

Tattoos on the foot, especially on the ankle and instep, are some of the most requested, since they receive the least wear and tear and last the longest. Wear them in summer and cover them in winter!


Our foot tattoos

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Recommendations when getting a tattoo on your foot:



Choose the area of the foot to be tattooed

Instep, ankle, sole... choose the location that you like the most, that hurts the least or lasts the longest. At Noble Art we advise you.



Maintain good hygiene

Instep, ankle, sole... choose the location that you like theDue to the location, the tattoo is susceptible to infection and irritation. That is why it is key to keep the area clean and wash it several times a day. most or that hurts the least. At NobleArt we advise you.



Protect the tattoo from the sun

You should not sunbathe during the first three weeks. Afterwards, always apply high-protection sun cream.



Comfortable shoes

On the day of the tattoo and for two weeks afterwards, wear comfortable, open shoes that do not rub or exert pressure on the tattoo,

Frequently asked questions before getting a foot tattoo.

We solve all your doubts about foot tattoos.

Do foot tattoos wear off easily?

Tattoos on the foot tend to suffer more wear and tear than those on the rest of the body. It is also true that it is important to choose which area of the foot to tattoo: the sole, for example, is the area that suffers the most deterioration due to being in constant contact with the sock and footwear, and rubbing continuously.
To prevent the tattoo from fading so quickly, we recommend following the tips below, although this will not prevent future wear:
- Keep it hydrated.
- Keep it out of the sun or always protected
- Avoid tight clothing

The feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the body to tattoo because they are free of fat and there are many tendons and bones visible from the surface, which means that the space between the skin and the bones available to the tattooist is very small, and, therefore, the pain will be greater.
The best area to tattoo the feet is undoubtedly the instep, since there is more space and it hurts less. For example, the heel or the sole also suffers less friction and wear and the tattoo lasts much longer.

The answer is “it depends”. The healing time of a tattoo on the foot depends on many factors such as: the size and complexity of the tattoo, if a black ink has been used (it will heal much faster) or various colors, the type of skin, style of life, your physical condition…
Typically, a tattoo should heal on the outer layers of the skin after about two to three weeks, but the full healing process of the tattoo on all layers of the skin will take between four and six months.

Due to their location, foot tattoos are susceptible to infection and irritation. Therefore, you must carefully follow routine:
Step 1: Carefully clean the tattoo
Carefully remove the bandage two hours after the tattoo: if it is too tight and even sticks to the tattoo, use running water to loosen the covering
Avoid touching the scabs: if you touch them, you risk getting an infection. This is dangerous and can also damage the tattoo design.
Wash your feet: Put some cleaning solution on the tattoo and gently rub the area with your hand. Finally, rinse the tattoo with water.
Try to keep the tattoo dry: during the first two weeks, avoid submerging your feet in water and less in hot water, since you may have a bacterial infection or it also causes the ink to run.

Step 2: Monitor your circulation
Poor circulation causes swelling in the feet. Try to keep them elevated whenever you can.
Your feet may also swell due to lack of water, this causes poor circulation. Try to drink more water so that your body can get rid of it instead of retaining it.
You can also apply ice to the foot, but not the tattoo, to reduce swelling in the feet. The best way to decrease swelling and keep the tattoo dry is to wrap ice in a piece of cloth and place it over the tattoo.
Stretching or some exercises are beneficial to reduce swelling and improve circulation in the feet.

Step 3: Protect your feet
Do not wear tight shoes. Wear flip flops or sandals that do not rub your skin
Keep the tattoo out of the sun, as it can cause it to lose its shine. If this is not possible, always apply a high coverage sunscreen.
The skin on your feet takes time: it usually takes three months for the body to replace the skin cells over a tattoo.
See your doctor in case of infection. Some symptoms are continuous pain, yellowing and bleeding.

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