Neck tattoos

Neck tattoos have never been very common, but it is an area that in recent years has been tattooed more frequently. Pure elegance in an area no longer prohibited or avoided.


Our neck tattoos

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Recommendations when getting your neck tattoo



Choose the area well

The neck, although it may not seem like it, is also very versatile when it comes to tattooing. You can tattoo yourself on the side of the neck, on the nape, behind the ear or in the trachea area. Which would you choose?



It is better to get tattoos in winter

In summer, tattoos are more vulnerable to friction, substances and bacteria, sweat, sun, etc. and are at higher risk of infection if the proper precautions are not taken



Shave the area before the tattoo

Before tattooing the area, shave. If the hair is already growing in the first few days, it is common for you to feel more stinging and more accentuated itching while the tattoo is healing.



The clothes you should wear

Comfort and practicality above all: use a strapless blouse or a more elastic and open-necked shirt so that you are not struggling with it throughout the entire session.

Frequently asked questions before getting a neck tattoo

We solve all your doubts about neck tattoos.

What do people usually get tattooed on their neck?

The options are immense and for every taste. Although we must say that there is a generalization of styles and types of tattoos in this area. The most popular currently are short phrases, words with meaning, straight lines, symbols in other languages or very small drawings.

It is not dangerous to tattoo your neck, but it is a delicate area. For this reason, you must use a highly experienced professional in this area and in the style of tattoo you want to get. In addition, another factor to take into account if you want to get a neck tattoo is: it is a more painful area than other parts of the body as it has thinner skin, so the needle produces more acute pain and it is usual and common to experience more discomfort in this area and even more so if the tattoo approaches the ears and the skull.

Neck tattoos are a true work of art, but like all tattoos, they require constant and specific care. The neck is an area in continuous movement, so you must have special patience and care. In addition, clothing can rub against it, which will make the skin irritated or redden easily.
But, when it's time to bathe, how do you do it? Try not to shower with very hot water and do not let the water fall directly on the tattoo, it is better to dab it wet, to avoid damaging or losing pigment. If you prefer to wash it off outside of the shower, pour warm water on your hands and gently run it over the tattoo 2-3 times to moisten the skin. As we discussed, don't keep the tattoo under water continuously. The goal is just to moisten the skin and clean it. Do not soak it excessively.
Next, remove excess soap from the neck by pouring water over it and apply a thin layer of unscented skin cream, so the skin stays hydrated at all times. Repeat this process, 2 or 3 times a day for 4 or 5 days.

What you should keep in mind is to avoid sleeping "crushing" the tattoo at all times, so that the design is not damaged or loses pigments. If you have the tattoo on the nape of the neck, you should sleep on your stomach or on your side with pillows in front and behind depending on the tattooed area. If you have it in the part of the trachea or on one side, place yourself on your back or on the other side.
It is important to use clean sheets every day, at least until the tattoo heals, to prevent any type of bacteria from coming into contact with the wound and thus avoid any infection. Also, it is advisable to use old bedding and pijamas, since it is possible that the tattoo will expel ink, which will be impossible to remove.
Finally, consult with your tattoo artist, if it is preferable to sleep the first night with the tattoo covered or uncovered. He will know how to advise you. Plastic wrap helps protect the tattoo from infection, but it will eventually need to heal in the air, so stick with the expert's recommendations.

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