Rhinomodelling without surgery. The nose you've always wanted,
without going under the knife.
Enjoy your body under your own rules.


Hyaluronic acid on the nose.

Rhinomodelling is a non-invasive aesthetic medical treatment,
fast and with very satisfactory immediate results.

The treatment consists of modifying the nasal angles, both the nasolabial and nasolabial
nasal angles, both nasolabial and nasolabial, by delicately introducing
of hyaluronic acid in strategic points of the nose.

This balances the nose on the face in a comfortable way, without anaesthesia and with little or no
anaesthesia and with hardly any post-treatment discomfort.

Recommendations on rinomodelling without surgery.



Knows the treatment well

Although minor, be familiar with possible side effects, such as swelling, redness and tenderness in the treated area. These symptoms are usually temporary and can be managed with proper care.



Reports medical history

Know your history including allergies and any previous procedures on the nose. This will help us to personalise and tailor treatment in an informed way.



Medicines and supplements

Ask us about which medications and supplements to avoid. Some, such as blood thinners and certain herbal supplements, can increase the risk of bleeding.



Estimates treatment times

Even with a much faster recovery than rhinoplasty, it is important to plan time for recovery. There may be temporary swelling and bruising.

Frequently asked questions about nose reshaping without surgery.

We answer your most frequently asked questions before undergoing a hyaluronic acid treatment.

¿En qué consiste la rinomodelación?

La rinomodelación es un procedimiento estético no quirúrgico que se utiliza para mejorar la apariencia de la nariz sin cirugía. En este procedimiento, un médico inyecta ácido hialurónico, un material de relleno seguro y temporal, en áreas específicas de la nariz para corregir imperfecciones como irregularidades, hundimientos o asimetrías. 

La rinomodelación con ácido hialurónico es un procedimiento rápido que generalmente toma de 15 a 30 minutos, dependiendo de la complejidad del caso y la experiencia del médico. Es un procedimiento ambulatorio, lo que significa que puedes regresar a tus actividades normales después de la sesión, aunque es posible que experimentes hinchazón y enrojecimiento temporales.

La rinoplastia es efectiva para corregir ciertos problemas estéticos de la nariz, como irregularidades, hundimientos y asimetrías menores. Sin embargo, no puede corregir problemas estructurales graves o cambios funcionales en la nariz, como la obstrucción nasal. 

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