Realism tattoos

Our specialist tattoo artists create authentic works of art. They are also known worldwide for their work in the design of realistic tattoos.

Our realistic tattoo creations

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Realistic tattoos: self-demand in its purest form

Realistic tattoos follow a technique that makes them look like a real photograph: the quality and execution of shading and lighting are one of the most important aspects of this style.

Our artists accurately capture colors on the skin as they are seen in real life: they mix inks and different intensities, which plays an essential role when it comes to making a realistic tattoo in full color. The evolution of materials and tools in recent years means a great improvement in artists' technique, as they have gone from realistic tattoos in black and white, looking for the depth of the design, to authentic works of art in full color.

In general, realistic tattoos tend to have a large-format design, which occupies a significant space on our body: the more space, the more possibilities to fill the tattoo with reality.

And for this reason, it is a style that takes more time and it is common for it to require various sessions, as both the tattoo artist and the tattooed person need to rest and the skin will also need to rest after each session.

We know that realism is a tattoo style in itself, but we can define three different types within this style: surreal realism, based on the creative reproduction of an object, transforming it and mixing reality and fiction to enrich it. Abstract realism, which is the result of two currents, abstract and realistic art, which when combined seeks to represent the emotions behind a real life object. And finally, we could talk about hyperrealistic realism, which aims to reproduce reality in the most reliable way possible.