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Learn to tattoo in our tattoo school or, if you are already a professional, improve your technique in a practical way with our tattoo lessons, taught by renowned artists in the world of tattooing. We will teach you to be a Noble Art artist!

Tattoo apprenticeship to become a real artist

Enrolling in the Noble Art Academy will transform you into the tattoo artist you've always wanted to be, allowing you to start or enhance your professional career with us.

Throughout the comprehensive training, you will have access to all the necessary top-quality materials to practice like a true professional tattoo artist. You will be provided with a machine, needles, ink, synthetic skin, stencil, and all the disposable materials used during a tattoo session, ensuring you have a complete and authentic experience.

Learn by tattooing

All our courses are distinguished by having a high percentage of practical training hours. We want you to learn by tattooing. You will have all the materials you need to learn like a professional.

Studio experience

The Noble Art academies are integrated into our studios, so you will be able to see first-hand the day-to-day life of our artists, and put what you have learned into practice.

Unlimited access to everything

Be part of the Noble Art community. Join the community! Tattoo your clients and grow as an independent artist by traveling to Noble Art studios. Where you can access giveaways, events, discounts, and much more.

Continuous training

Work as an independent artist and travel the world. As a member of the Noble Art Academy community, you will have the opportunity to be an independent artist and travel to our studios worldwide, learning and working. The sky's the limit.

Customized Methodology and Personalized Support.

We have developed our own methodology, carefully designed and tested, to help you become a tattoo artist in just 15 days. Upon completing the course, you'll have access to personalized guidance, allowing you to clarify all your doubts and continue your growth journey. 

Our tattoo courses and classes

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