Noble Art Academy: School of
tattoo artists

Learn to tattoo or, if you are already a professional, improve your technique in a practical way with our courses, taught by renowned artists in the world of tattooing. We will teach you to be a Noble Art artist!

Benefits of Noble Art Academy

Training at the Noble Art Academy will make you the tattoo artist you have always wanted to be and you will be able to start or improve your professional career with us.

In addition to providing complete training in a practical and theoretical way on how to tattoo, it includes a professional material kit which consists of a briefcase consisting of a rotary tattoo machine with wireless battery, 60 needles of different types and thicknesses, hectographic paper, range full of products that includes the stencil, stencil remover, vaseline, needle for solutions and soapy foam, tattoo academy book, 10 synthetic skins and more.

Learn by tattooing

All our courses are characterized by having a high percentage of practical teaching hours. We want you to learn by tattooing.

Studio experience

The Noble Art academies are integrated into our studios, so you will be able to see first-hand the day-to-day life of our artists, and put what you have learned into practice.

Unlimited access to everything

You will have at your disposal our studios, the necessary material and you will live side-by-side with the Noble Art artists throughout the training course.

Continuous training

You will not stop learning. In our internal training, you will obtain accreditations, discounts and the possibility of joining the world of work at Noble Art.

Our most outstanding courses

Our qualified teachers

The recruitment and training of talent is our top priority. So you will be able to learn from the best in the sector: our teachers are international references and travel to tattoo in different countries, bringing back new ideas, techniques and energy that enrich their creations and whose knowledge is also applied to training courses.

A team of professional and specialized teachers who will provide you with everything you need to know to learn to tattoo and/or improve the different techniques, styles... providing you with ideas, different visions and a unique experience.

Matías Noble


Adrián Morales


Aitor Bonilla


Alejandro Torres




Daniel Martínez


David Salcedo


Edu Cortés


Adrián Aparicio


Lourdes Vilalta


María Álvarez


Jesús Usero


Hernán Noble


María Mercedes



Fine line

Nacho Frías


Sofía Canales


Alejandro Vivo


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