Back tattoos

Back tattoos are among the most in demand, and they are a great canvas on which to give free rein to your imagination: total freedom in terms of size, style and shapes.


Our back tattoos

These are some of the back tattoos that we offer at Noble Art. Come and find yours!

Recommendations when getting your back tattoo



The great versatile canvas

Back tattoos can have an infinite number of options, and you can choose different areas such as the shoulder blade, lower area, side, spine... and select the size and shape you want. There are no limits on these tattoos!



Maximum discretion

Remember that the back is the perfect area to tattoo for those who do not want their tattoo to be visible in their day-to-day life.



Get a tattoo and sleep on your stomach

Both on the day of the tattoo and when sleep, you should be in a somewhat uncomfortable position. Always face down to avoid friction and loss of tattoo pigments.



Comfortable clothes

The day you get your back tattoo and the days afterwards until it heals, try to wear a loose and soft shirt so that it does not rub directly on the tattoo.

Frequently asked questions before getting a back tattoo

We solve all your doubts about back tattoos.

Does it hurt a lot to tattoo your back?

Back tattoos cause some pain, especially if they are close to the spine, since most of the nerves pass through this area of the body. Therefore, if pain is a decisive factor for you, you should know that in this area you will have to endure quite intense pain.

Undoubtedly, the first few days you should sleep on your stomach, thus avoiding damaging any part of the tattoo design and losing pigment and ink by rubbing. In any case, consult your tattoo artist for advice on this and on whether to sleep with the tattoo wrapped or uncovered.
You should also use clean sheets every day, as this will prevent any infection or entry of bacteria, and it is advisable to wear different pijamas every day and avoid new clothes, as you can stain them with ink that will be impossible to remove.

The healing and complete healing time depends on several factors and will vary depending on the type of skin, the size of the tattoo, if it is done with one ink or several, the care routine that you follow, etc. Depending on these factors, the healing of the back tattoo can take 5 to 30 days.

You can choose the style of tattoo that you like the most, you can visit our Noble Art tattoo studios if you prefer expert opinions on its size, shape, etc. We will be happy to help. Without a doubt, the back is the largest area of the body and you will have complete freedom to choose the tattoo that you like best, without limitations.
But we can give you some advice. If you prefer to get a smaller one, you should consider the area of the shoulder blade, or one side, and specifically you should choose a phrase, word, important date, etc. If you prefer to tattoo your entire back, we recommend that it be a realistic style and even centered on animals, nature or flowers.
If your pain threshold is rather high, you can tattoo the spinal area, and get a tattoo that runs across this entire area with flowers, phases of the moon or animals such as snakes...
Whatever you decide, the back is the best canvas you can have to tattoo. The options are limitless.

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