Anime tattoos

Large doses of creativity are conveyed by our renowned tattoo artists in this style: suitable only for true fanatics of Japanese culture.

Our anime tattoo creations

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Anime tattoos: ideal for lovers of otaku!

Anime tattoos are inspired by manga. The basis of these tattoos is found in the color and detail of the clothing in the drawings. The impressive result of these anime tattoos is achieved thanks to the combination of pure and saturated colors and a large dose of creativity.

The most famous anime and manga that are currently part of thousands of tattoos on the skin of many people are Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon. However, there are new series that have caused a lot of furore in recent years such as Naruto, Yu Gi Oh, Death Note or Tokyo Ghoul.

Anime tattoos are characterized by the use of a solid and forceful line that can even be varied in thickness to accentuate certain features more than others. As for color, it is usual to use very well saturated tones and clean gradients. And in addition, dynamic compositions with a lot of movement are used that make the tattoo look like it is sticking out of your skin.

What undoubtedly makes the difference in anime tattoos is the experience and quality of the tattoo artist in this type of design, since you have to have a lot of skill to accurately reproduce and capture not only the appearance of the character you want to immortalize on your skin, but also his pose and attitude. At Noble Art we have artists specialized in this style of tattoos that make each of them a true work of art.