Tattoos on the forearm

Forearm tattoos are the perfect canvas for ink and a large enough area for tattoos of all types, styles, and intricacies. And they are one of the least painful!


Our forearm tattoos

These are some of the forearm tattoos that we offer at Noble Art. Come and find yours!

Recommendations when getting your forearm tattoo



What area should you get tattooed?

You can get a tattoo above the elbow, below, more towards the wrist... choose the area of the forearm that you like the most or hurts the least.



Forearm hair

When tattooing, the hair on the forearm will be shaved off. You should keep this in mind if you have a lot of hair on your arms and want the design to be visible.



Special care

The forearm is in constant contact with the trunk of the body, so it must be cared for properly so that the tattoo remains in perfect condition for longer.



Clothes on the day of the tattoo

Remember to wear a tank top or short sleeve so that it does not rub or come into direct contact with the design.

Frequently asked questions before getting a forearm tattoo

We answer all your questions about forearm tattoos.

How to care for a tattoo on the forearm?

The forearm is an area that is in constant movement and rubs against the trunk of the body, so you have to be consistently careful with each movement. Here are some care tips for forearm tattoos:
You should always keep your skin clean to avoid any type of infection. Apply ordinary soap and water gently, without rubbing the skin.
Apply a mild moisturizer to the tattooed skin several times a day.
Avoid any exposure to the sun during the first weeks, then you can sunbathe but always with high coverage sun protection.
Avoid swimming for the first few weeks to keep the design intact and prevent pigment loss and ruining the tattoo.
Do not wear tight clothing, try to wear looser and softer clothing for at least the first weeks and months.
Normally, forearm tattoos take two weeks to heal. In any case, check the state of your tattoo with your tattoo artist. At Noble Art, our artists accompany you throughout the process and advise you on everything you need.​​

When we have just gotten a tattoo, we must be very patient, careful and cautious with certain aspects such as sleeping. Why? Certain postures, rubbing or friction could damage the tattoo design. Therefore, it is essential to strictly follow a series of recommendations when resting:
- Try not to share a bed for the first few days
- Make sure the sheets don't stick to the tattoo
- Take care of the sleeping position so as not to crush it and thus damage the result
- Wrapped or uncovered? This is something that your tattoo artist should recommend, since there are different ways of healing, such as wet or dry. Wear old clothes for the first few nights, in case the tattoo expels some ink.
- Use clean bedding every day, so you can prevent bacteria from coming into contact with the wound

There are some aspects that distinguish this area from the rest of the areas of the body when getting a tattoo, such as:
Pain: it is one of the areas that hurt the least to tattoo. In addition to being a much more accessible area, it does not need any exceptional pose or posture to heal and care for.
The location: you can select different locations on the forearm to tattoo. It should not necessarily be in a visible part, as you can tattoo yourself in a more discreet area.
Are they discreet? If you want it that way, yes. Tattoos on the forearm can be discreet, since they are easy to cover. All you have to do is wear a long sleeve.

The answer is yes. All parts of the body have a meaning if you tattoo them, although over time new styles, shapes and symbols are born and the original meaning changes. However, below we explain the meaning of getting a tattoo on your forearm. What do you think of it?
The truth is that forearm tattoos are usually used to show off phrases, words and symbols that are in keeping with your personality and that you want to convey at a glance. These tattoos also tend to convey strength, energy and resistance because they are located in an area of the body that must be charged with strength to move the hands and carry out all daily tasks.

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