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Henna for eyebrows

Give more color and fill in your eyebrows with this totally natural technique. Our professionals will advise you at all times.


Our work

This is before and after applying henna to the eyebrows.

Recommendations when performing henna for eyebrows



Natural color

Our professionals advise you on the tone that is closest to the color of your hair and looks best on your skin.



No makeup

Come to our studio with natural eyebrows. Do not wear makeup or anything that might prevent the procedure from being effective.



Clean zone

It is important to keep the area of the eyebrows clean and hydrated to apply the henna without any impediment.



24 hours later without sun

Do not expose yourself to the sun during the day after the henna application to avoid stains and/or damaging the result.

Frequently asked questions about henna for eyebrows

We solve your most frequent doubts before performing a henna treatment for eyebrows.

After the application of henna to the eyebrows, certain care is also required to ensure the duration and quality of the result. These are some of them:

  • After waxing, the skin will be very sensitive and with open pores. Do not touch your skin to avoid possible infections.
  • During the first eight hours, you should not wet the eyebrows: it is important to ensure that the pigment adheres to the eyebrow hairs.
  • Don't rub your brows, as friction will cause the pigment to fall off faster.
  • After the application of henna it is advisable not to use oily creams or make-up removers so that the duration is longer.
  • Also avoid direct sun exposure to the skin for 24 hours to prevent skin blemishes.

Henna is undoubtedly the best-known and most effective vegetable dye for coloring hair, which also provides benefits for our appearance and the health of eyebrow hair:

  • It strengthens and enhances the growth of eyebrow hair.
  • It generates a healthy and strong appearance and a natural shine to the eyebrows.
  • Henna not only dyes the hair but also the skin, so it visually fills the eyebrows and gives a feeling of more volume and abundance.

This technique is ideal if you are looking for a natural and temporary result or if it is the first time you are applying an eyebrow makeup technique. This technique consists of making a design, giving color to the eyebrows with natural pigments, filling them in and a waxing session: its duration ranges from 4 to 15 days and depends on the type of skin and the care that is carried out afterwards:

Skin type: on dry skin, this technique could last from 10 to 15 days, as it favors adherence. On the other hand, the duration in oily skin will be from 4 to 10 days.

Care: the duration of the henna on the eyebrows will depend on the care that is carried out on the days after the application. Do not wet your eyebrows excessively, avoid oily make-up removers and creams, and avoid excessive sweating.

Henna is not harmful and anyone can apply this natural dye to their eyebrows, since it just consists of coloring the first layer of the skin and does not cover pores or penetrate the epidermis. If any possible alteration to the skin is detected, it is advisable to go to the dermatologist to rule out an allergy to said vegetable dye.

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