Adrián Morales

From a very young age, everything related to the alternative world and the world of tattoos has caught my attention.

Clean lines, solid and lasting colors with an infinite freedom of creation. Tattoos are a form of expression, an art of improvement and in constant evolution.

The classics never die.

Experience: 7 years

Tattoos style: Tradi

Studios: Valencia

What kind of tattoos can you get with Adrián?

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What motivated you to become a tattoo artist?

From a very young age, anything that had to do with the alternative scene caught my attention. My grandfather already had tattoos and I had my first earring at the age of 9 and my first tattoo at 15. Rock and the "different" aesthetic always caught my attention, until I got the chance to be a tattoo artist and decided to try it.



How has the world of tattooing changed your life?

It has completely changed it, from changing cities to completely changing habits. I have previously worked in other sectors and I had a schedule, specific hours and they told me what I had to do each day. It was all more "mechanical". Now everything is different. The work is organized by me: how, when and where. The responsibility is greater and the evolution has to be constant.



What styles of tattoos do you like the most?

Traditional classic and traditional Japanese.



What do you like most about being part of the Noble Art community?

Being surrounded by people who do the same thing as you is always positive because you learn from everyone.



How many years have you been tattooing?

Approximately seven years. The first in a very occasional or intermittent way and the rest more continuously.

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