by Isabel Collado

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eyebrow microblading

by Isabel Collado

eyebrow microblading


Isabel Collado,

our Microblading and Micropigmentation specialist for Eyebrows, Lips, Eyeliner and Areolas Reconstruction.

Isabel has extensive and recognized experience in the sector, she will carry out a detailed personalized diagnosis and will advise the perfect treatment for an optimal result.

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What does the Eyebrow Microblading consist of ?

Eyebrow microblading is a minimally invasive aesthetic technique that consists of the simulation of the natural eyebrows hair with a semi-permanent pigmented way.

Thanks to the personalized design, the look is framed, achieving a totally natural result.

To achieve the most suitable eyebrow design, a study of the characteristics of your face is carried out on the same day as the microblading session.

Discover the before and after of eyebrow microblading

Rediscover your look in our eyebrow microblading studio

The specialist’s evaluation will determine if the new microblading can be performed over the old one.

A single session and a review if the specialist deems it necessary.

Remember to report if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

I have a previous eyebrow microblading or micropigmentation job in the same area
I have oily skin
I have diabetes
I take anticoagulant medication
I’m pregnant
Recommendations to keep in mind before performing the eyebrow microblading treatment:

– Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before coming to the appointment

– Do not sunbathe

– Notify if you have diabetes or take any medication for blood clotting

-Do not wax the area

-Do not tint the eyebrows

* The pigments, instruments and techniques for micropigmentation that we use at Noble Art are safe, have the best quality and are respectful with your skin, as well as presenting excellent durability.

Healing is essential for your treatment to have a good result. This is why following directions is so important.

In the healing of your Eyebrow Microblading, 3 important factors play a role:

Eyebrow microblading or micropigmentation work + the state of your skin and health + proper healing.


You must book a new appointment to carry out your review in the next 60 days (otherwise, the right to review will be lost). This appointment this review appointment is included in the initial price of the eyebrow microblading.
The first day after your EYEBROW MICROBLADING

Wash the eyebrows every 2 hours with cottons / gauze / cotton buds and mild soap.
Wait for it to dry completely and apply a small amount of cream.

If the treatment is done in the afternoon, we will do this, and at bedtime we will cover the eyebrows with transparent film.

It is normal that you notice them somewhat hunched.

– During the 10 days after your eyebrow microblading.

Wash the eyebrows 3 times a day with mild soap and apply a SMALL amount of cream.
If you notice puffy eyebrows, please contact us.

Do not scratch the wound or touch.
Do not sunbathe or UVA rays.
Do not apply anything other than the serum over the area.
Do not apply depilatory wax
Bathing in the beach / pool / sauna is prohibited.
Do not apply makeup, nor shadows if they are close to the intervened area.
– Up to 60 days after your eyebrow microblading.

During this time the color will be stabilizing on the skin. It is normal that they have cleared or until it seems that “it has disappeared”.

– Some tips to make your eyebrow microblading last longer:

Avoid sunbathing, protect the area every day with sunscreen.

You should not exfoliate that area or apply anti-blemish products on the skin, acids or similar products.

Both eyebrow micropigmentation and microblading are minimally invasive and practically painless techniques that offer safe and long-lasting results.

The best way to determine which technique is the most appropriate for your specific case is to carry out an assessment by our specialist. Book your appointment for further information.

eyebrow microblading at noble art

The attention to detail and the complete satisfaction of our clients is our maxim. To achieve this, we have designed our facilities aimed to you optima enjoyment and outstanding comfort and safety.

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