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We believe
in the tattoo as a

of life

cutural value and

Noble art.

That's why we call ourselves


Art expresses

and character

We do it through


On the most authentic canvas

The skin

We are an


Made up of

of the tattoo that demonstrate
that art requires
creativity, precision,
skill and talent.

We are


but also


We are

and style.

We are


NOBLE ART was founded in 2018 by the tattoo artist Matías Noble, who after travelling halfway around the world and training, quickly became an international reference, returned home to set up his own studio in which, from the outset, he set high standards of artistic excellence and customer service. A task that he does not carry out alone, but together with a team, a family, of excellent tattoo artists committed to the same purpose

NOBLE ART brings to the public a new way of understanding the tattoo world through an innovative space, which breaks with everything known in the sector until now, and with an excellent team of tattoo artists.

In NOBLE ART we understand that tattooing is not a fashion, it is culture, and that is why we look for the concept of tattooing to orbit around art and elegance.

Every client has an important story they want to leave written on their skin for life, and the studio is designed and focused to offer you the best of experiences. A personalized attention, close, generating confidence, ensuring the best quality of the tattoo and respecting the personality of each person.

Without a doubt, one of our main differential values with respect to other studios/tattooists is the premium experience we want our clients to have when they come to NOBLE ART.

He started tattooing at the age of 25, in 2012, motivated by a friend who insisted that he learn to tattoo, he learned, he tattooed and it all started.

Specialist in black and white tattoos. His originality lies in the compositions of his designs and the way he applies the contrasts in the tattoo.

He is inspired by art outside the tattoo: painting, photography, illustration, new technologies that, along with nature, are a source that multiplies his creativity.

A recurring object in his designs is a piece of broken clock representing the passage of time. Something that escapes our power and ends up leaving and never coming back. Matías is very clear that time is the most precious treasure of humanity, although few people realize it, and that is why he squeezes it to the maximum and works unceasingly to live it intensely and productively.
He is a demanding artist who always seeks to improve the quality of his work. He works non-stop to perfect the application of shadows, betting on creativity and originality in the designs.

He admires quite a few tattoo artists, but finds his inspiration in artists outside the sector.

He is a person who is 100% dedicated to tattooing and its surroundings. Currently, and in a parallel way, he is developing the creation of an original and different chain of studies from what exists. For him, free time does not exist.

He likes brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Off-White, Balenciaga for their perfection in detail, their high quality criteria, but day by day he wears everything he likes, that makes him feel comfortable. Without paying attention to the brand that it is.

His favourite places in Valencia are: calle Ramon Llull 41, address of the NOBLE ART studio, the beautiful sea area of Valencia and the old town, El Carmen.

For him NOBLE ART is not just a tattoo studio. It is a community, a group of people sharing the same ambition to grow and improve. What he likes most is to breathe that positive and destructive atmosphere that can do anything.

Hernán, it’s a jewel we’ve imported from Uruguay.

He refuses to accept that he has a vocation, even though he does. He describes his work as “a job like any other, anyone can do it” although he, whatever the job, likes to do things well and that’s it.

He is an expert in black and white realism, for the time being.

He is inspired by seeing other tattooers that he considers good and works on the basis of the client’s idea, if the client does not have one he worries about finding out something he likes or identifies.

He holds in high esteem the values of humility, hard work, thinking a lot, details, constancy and perseverance. They say he is a perfectionist and patient. Although he, faithful to his rebellious self, denies it.

He’s determined to be the best version of himself on tattoo day.
His great reference, his brother, Matias Noble. And he follows and is interested in how they do it: Bscopezz, Fredtattoo, dmitrysamohin, Anrijsstraume, okamitattoo, sergiofernandeztattoo.

He loves to get involved with everyone because he admits that he learns from everyone.

Working is his hobby and when he finishes his work:, he studies music, plays the piano or whatever he finds at hand.

He is not fascinated by brands and the only luxury he allows himself is Apple, and of course, to work.

He feels linked to NOBLE ART by the passion for work and an unbeatable crew.

Nacho Frías, he doesn’t have just one nickname, according to the group of friends you ask, some know him as Nacho, others as Frías, and most of his friends as Morti. He was born and lives in Valencia. Although he has spent some time in Holland and Mallorca.

The tattoo sector, and the artistic world in general, has always been attractive to him. After studying and working in product and furniture design for 10 years he turned 30, got his first tattoo and everything changed.

What attracts him most from the world of tattooing is being able to capture on the skin something so significant for people who decide to mark themselves for life.
“The rewarding thing about day-to-day is knowing you’re doing something that a person will see every day and be happy to see.”
In addition, he feels very satisfied with the possibility of depending on one’s own effort to be able to live from one’s work.

“To know that there is always room for improvement and new paths to investigate. But, above all, the fact that you can live from something you love to do, for me it’s not a job, it’s a hobby I’m paid to do.”

Nacho, at present, focuses on realism, taking care of details, textures, contrasts, always trying to make them look good and that they will stand the test of time.

He doesn’t like to be pigeonholed and has started researching the new school.

He usually takes inspiration from other artists, from all kinds of specialities, such as photography, illustration, street art, comics, tattooing…

When he receives the project to work on, he likes to mentally order the possibilities of composition and look for images that can fit in with what he has in mind. You can place the images on the photograph of the area to be tattooed and see how they work.

The values it conveys are professionalism, motivation, effort and good vibes. “I always try to create a bond of trust and closeness with the client so that we are more comfortable and everything can flow better. In general, both with my client and with the rest of the colleagues and their clients, I consider it very important to have a good working environment”. His maxim: he always tries to work on each project as if it were for himself.

He follows closely the tattooers Xavi García Boix, Jeff Gogue, Victor Chil, Timmy_b, Dave Paulo, Chris Rigoni, Dmitry Samohin, Matrule, among many others. Within the urban art, Nychos, Pichiavo, Dulk, Craola and has Dali as a reference in painting.

In his free time he dedicates himself to his other passions: music, cinema, travelling, painting, leisure with friends and family.
If you ask him about his top brands he will tell you that Carhartt and Nike.

His favourite place in Valencia: Port Saplaya, also known as the little Venice.

From NOBLE ART he likes the ambition of the whole team, which is passed on to them by Matías Noble. To be a family that helps each other and cares for others, the desire to work, the good atmosphere that is breathed in the studio. “It’s not just a place to go to work, we’re all NOBLE ART.”

His name is Jorge, his last name is Camacho, hence his nickname when it comes to tattooing and the real name by which most people know him.

Although he was born, and lives, in Valencia for the last thirty years he spends long periods of time outdoors working in Canada and Switzerland, places that he loves and that he advises everyone to visit one day.

He has always been interested in the world of art, as most of his family is dedicated to crafts, whether it is jewelry, sculpture or ceramics. Since he was a child he started drawing, his father was a great support that taught him and helped him to improve.

His relationship with the tattoo world began when he saw the first tattoos his older brother got. At that moment he discovered his interest in this specialty, and at the same time, in a lifestyle that he didn’t know, that he didn’t imagine would end up being part of his life, and to which he would end up dedicating himself 100%.

He tells us that he was very lucky to meet great artists who helped him get started in this. The main one was Matías Noble, the creator of what is today NOBLE ART.

“Since he met me and saw my interest in the world of Tattoo, he did not hesitate at any time to teach me everything he knew and help me to start my way as a tattooist and, at present, to continue growing together with all the team we are in the studio. Even if we are tattooed in different styles we help each other to grow together, since any opinion can contribute to improve the design and get the best possible result”.

His specialty is realism in black and gray, which is what he has always liked. He tries to make a tattoo as beautiful as possible, with a good aesthetic, and tries to fit the tattoo as best as possible to the body of each person so that it flows and looks good from a certain distance. He is not convinced by very dark tattoos and appreciates that they are seen and understood in a clear and defined way.

It is essential for him to start his work process with a meeting with the client in which he tells him the idea that represents the tattoo he wants to get and in which area of the body he wants to get it.

“Knowing the person well and understanding what they really want to express is one of the most important steps,” he says.

After all this, he spends many hours creating the project. And because he is a meticulous artist, he does not take action until he meets again with the client to show him the design he has prepared for him.

In his tattoos he always looks for originality, but, above all, he tries to show the desire and the effort he has put into each job, trying to surpass himself and express, in the best way, the client’s idea.

His goal in each tattoo is that the design enchants both, the client and him, so that the work is very satisfactory.

He always demands himself great quality and softness in the shadows, a lot of contrast and, most importantly, whether there is a great story behind the tattoo or just the aesthetic is sought, spend as many hours as necessary to make the final work perfect.

Camacho feels admiration for all the people who express their art, be it in the street or in a museum, and there are so many people he admires that it is impossible for him to list them, however, he cites three references in the tattoo world: Matías Noble, Borja Okami, and Miguel Ángel Canseco.

He loves training, he is passionate about everything related to the world of motoring, and he would not hesitate to recommend you go for a walk on the beach in Valencia and enjoy his good weather.
His favourite brands are Off-white, Supreme and Nike.

What about NOBLE ART? That they are a great family. They spend most of their time together, being at work, taking a trip or going out for a walk in the city. “We have a lot of fun, and being with them makes me better and better every day.”

Jesús Usero Gascueña, better known as Jesús Gaskon, was born in Madrid forty-six years ago.

Since he was a child he was interested in the world of art, always with a pencil or a brush in hand. That passion led him to study fine arts. When he finished his degree he decided to dedicate himself to teaching and gave classes in plastic arts. Later he would discover the world of tattooing and the things that could be done on the skin. I saw in tattooing a new artistic discipline, where creativity and technique had no limits.

His specialty is black and white realism. He enjoys capturing the reality of his drawings and oils. Now I have replaced the brushes with needles and the canvas with skin.
His unwavering values are effort, dedication to work, perseverance and passion.

He is motivated by commitment, honesty and generosity with his colleagues and clients. Besides the creativity in the designs of his tattoos without losing the enthusiasm in the accomplishment of each one of them to grow every day like tattooist.

His inspiration is the tattooers I have closest to him, friends and colleagues from whom he can learn and share experiences. Carles Bonafe, Okami and Matías Noble are his references.

Tattooing is everything to him, it is his passion, his hobby, his everything. In his scarce free time he likes to practice trekking or rural tourism, besides enjoying cinema and cooking.

If he had to recommend something to visit from the place where he lives now, the Valencian Community, it would be, for example, the Algar springs, Tabarca, Bocairent, Cofrentes, Ontiyent, villages with a great history and with spectacular charm and architecture.

He confesses that from the first day he entered NOBLE ART he found himself super comfortable, all his colleagues welcomed him as one of them. I find a very high level of demand, which is mixed with a pleasant atmosphere where everyone helps us and shares experiences.

Adrian, better known as Joke for twenty years.

His vocation for tattooing began while he was studying. The world of art, painting, graffiti always fascinated him and in tattooing he finds all those specialties exploited by a thousand.

His specialty is comic or cartoon, adding his personal passions: graffiti and color. He is inspired by the “street scene” but bringing cleanliness, luxury and definition.

He doesn’t understand his work process without communication with his client. Working together on ideas and achieving a design that fits his client’s wishes and his art. “I try to make my tattoo always unique. Let it be noticed that I have done it. It doesn’t matter who sees it, let it be recognized as my style. I repeat some elements to create my brand and that each tattoo has something of my essence.”

His qualities are undoubtedly cleanliness when it comes to performing the tattoo. That the tattoo is very readable, that it has a very clear reading, a very defined visual path.

He makes us a huge list of artists and tattooers, and to narrow it down he prefers to make a list according to specialties. In painting and graffiti some of the ones he likes the most are Felipe Pantone, Okuda, Pichiavo, Bansky and many more of a more underground style. Of tattooers: Victor Chil, Logan de Barracuda, Simon K Bell, are some of a very long list.

He spends his free time painting, watching a lot of anime and spending time with his girlfriend and friends.

His favourite place in Valencia: NOBLE ART. “It’s where I am all day and where I would like to be all day. Creating, designing, improving, advancing. We’re crazy about it.”
It includes in its favorite places the Flex Factory, where it also dedicates its hours to create, and a place to relax and enjoy would be the channel of the Manises River.

“I like being part of the NOBLE ART family because we’re all going to the same destination. We are all rowing with fire to improve, to be unstoppable and to grow day by day. What I value most is that we all support each other and we want each other to go further.”

Maria, she’s our only woman on the official study team. Some tattooers confidently call her Mary, but it’s not an official nickname.

Her vocation certainly began in high school. At that time it helped her assert herself on a vocational level. But tattoos started to catch her attention as a child. “The stickers came out on the potato chip packages, and in the summer it was super fun to put them on in the pool with water and show them off, they made you feel rebellious, and that was nice.”

Her specialty is realism, and specifically, mini realism. She enjoys them a lot because it’s a delicate job and although it seems easy, it’s not. Involvement in each tattoo is an absolute maxim for her. To which she adds perfection and perseverance, which would not work without patience. The qualities that María demands of herself in her work are respect, harmony and originality, as far as possible.

She admires many artists, and from various fields. In art she has a devotion to the classical painters. The work of light and shadow of Caravaggio and Raphael; the work of Tiepolo , Tamara Lempicka, René Magritte, David Friedich, Alphonse Mucha and she can’ t forget the work of Joaquin Sorolla. When she started tattooing her references were the Godoy brothers, Sara Fabel, Kat Von D., Teresha Sharp, Kasas Ink, Leo Barrachina , Lea , SaracorazonArt, Daniels Bauti, Isnard Barbosa, Gara Tattoer, Borja Okami, Jumilla Olivares, Sergio Doce, Franky Lozano, Evo Erk… and of course, Matías Noble!

In her free time she likes to play sports. She is an adrenaline junkie and therefore practices jumping, skydiving, paragliding, climbing…
She shares her love of tattooing with her love of the custom motorcycle world. “On Sunday mornings I like to go out and get the sun on my Harley. I don’t miss going to China, going to Cullera, Gandía, the Albufera … places with sea, I’m satisfied. “

She follows some brands, but more for marketing and philosophy reasons. Brands such as Moschino, at the advertising level, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, Versace, Lacoste, Paco Rabanne… above all, he likes what they transmit in their perfume spots. On a streetwear level she is a fan of Levi’s, Converse, Oakley, DC Cousa, Volcom, Vans, Nike and Puma.

His favourite place in Valencia is the old lighthouse of the port and the final part of the maritime area of the new marina, known as ”Paredón”.

There are many reasons why she likes to work at NOBLE ART and she better tell you about them:
“Working with Matías Noble was a kind of super hard dream to achieve. On an artistic level he is the cement that binds the whole team together. He always has a thousand projects in mind and seeks to grow himself and his team. A good atmosphere prevails in the studio. We help each other, we like to see the one next to us improve, because it brings quality to the team. And what I like even more is knowing that he was part of a team that seeks to position itself on the world map”.

Julián, better known as Lyan is from a good Valencian vintage of ’79.

His vocation for the tattoo was a little late and it qualifies us “as almost everything in my life was without thinking and I started approximately four years ago”. But his curiosity for this specialty was born much earlier, when at fourteen he got his first tattoo thanks to the father of a friend. From that moment on it was always a world that interested him. He didn’t launch himself into it until Matías Noble arrived and invited him to try it.

His specialty in tattooing is black&grey realism. Although he has tried other styles such as traditional or geometry, in the end he stays with black and grey realism because it transmits magic and is demanding: “You have to transmit a lot with very little, with only one tone”, he says.

He is inspired by the work of other tattooists and is very aware of new trends and advances as the tattoo is constantly moving and evolving.
The first idea his client transmits to him is where he bases and begins his work process.

The main value he’s trying to bring to the tattoo is honesty. That the work is honest with what it looks like, with what the client has asked for; that it does not become just a photo in nets but once it is cured it keeps its quality and can always be enjoyed.

He is meticulous, precise, likes to polish the maximum detail, be the most faithful to the work he does and give one hundred percent in each tattoo.

“I have the great luck to work alongside artists who have been references since I started: Matías Noble, Nacho Frías, Camacho, Cristian Palmero

At a national and international level, their references are Kike Esteras or Alvarito Tattoo in the traditional way. In black and white Thomas Carli Jarlier, David Vega, Matteo Pascualin. In the micro realistic style he loves Cole Gray, Coldie Zeta, Cozzo, among many others.

He spends most of his time tattooing, designing, but the rest of his time is spent with his son and his guitar.

It is impossible for him to recommend only one place in Valencia, there are many that he likes. “I love our land. The more you travel the more you realise what we have and that it’s a gem. I love the Barrio del Carmen, El Palmar, La Albufera and especially where I live: the orchard. L’Horta Nord is a real wonder and a privilege.”

He doesn’t hesitate to answer why he likes working at NOBLE ART. “It’s the easiest question of all! I like the team there, from the first moment I have been treated by ten. But, above all, I love the work philosophy. No one is more than anyone else, we all help each other, we all contribute, together we are stronger. Working like this is a privilege, a delight”.

Cristian Palmero had his vocation very clear since he was a child. At the age of thirteen he got his first tattoo, with the permission of his elders, of course. From that moment on he knew he was going to be a tattooist.

His style is framed by realism. He likes to make compositions of several images in order to create unique designs for each person.

Their inspiration is their own clients, what they want to represent and what ideas they have. From there, he looks for images that can work with his idea and prepares them. “For each person their tattoo is unique and as such in my personal life I am strict with order and perfection and I try to translate that into each of my works.” He declares himself to be a disciplined person who strives to improve day by day.

He can’t give us names of artists he admires because there are so many of them that he couldn’t list them.
“There are so many artists who are doing different things and are constantly innovating, I love that.”

The same goes for his favorite brands. “I follow many trendy brands and like artists I like different fashion.”

He likes to spend his free time with his dogs and enjoy his people. If you visit València Cristian he would recommend you the one of the zone of the port of the capital because it seems to him one of the most beautiful zones, to be able to enjoy the city.

He likes to be part of the NOBLE ART family because since he started the project has not stopped growing, innovating and improving every day. “We work very well as a team because we support each other and follow the same focus to grow a little more every day.”

Adrian‘s been a tattoo enthusiast since forever. The first ones he remembers are his grandfather’s. He declared himself a “thug” and got his first earring at the age of nine, his first tattoo at fifteen.

He never considered tattooing as a profession until he realized that his usual job was not to his liking and decided to change his life.

His specialty is old school. A style in which he feels very identified and recognizes as the beginning of the evolution of tattooing, when it went from using a stick and needles to the first coil machines. He does not conceive the tattoo without those bases.

Adrian tells us: “many people look for their tattoo to mean something, symbolic, names…” . For him: “it’s something more like a collection, after all it’s art, there are those who do it in sculptures, there are those who do it on the walls with paintings, I like it on my skin”.

He is inspired by the great classics of tattooing, especially those typical of jailers or sailors, or of the fathers of tattooing such as Sailor Jerry or Don Ed Hardy.

His most important personal value: respect, to love what he does, to work thinking that someone is going to wear something of his on their skin forever and to make an effort in each piece so that it is unique, and that he and the person who wears it can feel proud every time they see it.

He is constantly demanding a lot of himself. The tattoo is something lasting, he wants it to look perfect always, thick line and solidity of the colors. He conceives cleanliness and hygiene as essential when tattooing.

The artists he admires are those who have marked the tattoo world like Sailor Jerry, Don Ed Hardy, the illustrator Ricardo Cavolo, in short, those people who create a new world of lines, shapes and colors.

For him there are two types of artists: those who shape the reality we have (copy) and those who create a new one, that is to say that those images as they are, or proportions, we will never find them in reality.

His hobbies are rock music, inherited from his father and from the trips by his side listening to tapes of Queen, Led Zeppeling, ACDC, Iron Maiden … He used to play the guitar, but he confesses that now he has no time for it. He loves motorcycles, Harley-Davidson, above all, and everything related to them. And in every free space he finds he dives into some book.

If he had to recommend you one of his favourite places in Valencia would be the river, today transformed into an immense park, where you can do all kinds of activities.

Being part of the NOBLE ART family is something he likes because it is an ambitious, non-conformist project, and he feels that these characteristics are very similar to his way of being; always looking for more and above all better. In addition, he confesses, that the team in terms of people is top, and working with them always motivates him a lot.

“Tattooing is more than an experience, and I really like it when a person refers to me as ‘my tattooist’, it shows that confidence in me”

Alejandro Vivo Zalve, Zalve for us, and Pokis for his friends. The story of the nickname Pokis better not know it.

His artistic vocation began since he was a child with the drawing.

At eighteen he got his first tattoo and ended up asking his tattooist for advice, who encouraged him to try. At twenty-five he bought his first machine, started tattooing his friends, and to this day the tattoo is still part of his life or rather his way of life.

His specialty is Black & Grey Realism and Microrealism.
His inspiration is the result of: the idea of his client, always indispensable, search of reference images and many hours of work.

He considers himself committed, honest, responsible, punctual, but, above all, he is demanding and perfectionist when it comes to making a tattoo.
“I try to improve myself every day in order to obtain the best results and customer satisfaction.”

His reference tattooers are Jumilla, Sergio Fernández, Fredy, Matías Noble, Pawelindulski, among many others.

He spends his free time in the cinema, the series, travelling, cooking, going to the gym, riding his mountain bike… if we defined him as restless we would be very short!

He likes to feel comfortable and his brands have that perfect mix of design and sport. To name a few: Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste or Nike

When you visit València Zalve recommends you: the Barrio del Carmen, the old part of town where you can find everything from bars to museums, or places like the Plaza de la Virgen where the architecture of the 16th century is mixed with terraces full of life, a historical and international point of the city.

“From NOBLE ART I like the good vibes, the confidence, the companionship. They are all professionals from whom I learn a lot. For that and more, in and out of the studio we can count on each other.”

Mauricio Godoy, warns: “never ask about Mauricio because they won’t know who he is. You ask for Mau, which is how I’ve been known for over 15 years here in Spain.

“He was born in Chile and from there he can name many cities where he has lived until he arrived here, in Valencia, almost fifteen years ago.

He has always been involved in graphic and artistic specialties and he thinks that the tattoo is one more expression tool, among all the ones that exist. So it would be impossible for him to tell us that he has an absolute vocation for tattooing. Rather he has an absolute vocation for art, in all its senses.

He has been coming and going in the tattoo world for years, but he has been exclusively dedicated to it for more than a year.His dedication to design over the years has led him to lean towards more minimalist concepts and fine lines. In his work process, he is committed to the commission, he likes to listen to people to know what they are looking for and how to enhance it.

He theorizes that inspiration does not exist, if you know how to do something well you do it and that’s it. “Practice is what makes you better. The effort of putting in the hours for your work.
“Tattooers and artists that I admire are many: @koanworks , @chenjie.newtattoo, @victorzetall, @kubrickgood@goldy_z, @kozo_tattoo and many more that stick around.”I won’t name my co-workers because that would be butter up , but I learn from them every day.”His favorite place in Valencia is his home. “It’s near the sea and there’s no one around, it’s a quiet village. I’m not from the city, although I try to soak up the atmosphere. As soon as I can, I run away.
“He likes to be part of the NOBLE ART family because he goes beyond the commonplace of tattoo studios and accepts the diversity of styles without being pigeonholed into any one. 
“You can see from a traditional style with coil machines to realistic black & grey and color styles, which coexist perfectly within the studio. I think that’s the essence of a good team and that’s what happens in NOBLE ART.

Isabel Collado is dedicated to micropigmentation. She is dedicated to aesthetics, but the field of micropigmentation has always attracted her attention.

As soon as she observed that this sector was improving and that it had more innovative and realistic conditions, she decided to change her speciality.

For her, micropigmentation is beauty, of course, but not only that. She understands her specialty as something that serves to improve the life of people who, for whatever reason, health, accidents, life circumstances, need this specialty to reconcile with their body, with themselves.

Her specialty is eyebrows. Since she was young she has liked drawing and in this field she can put in value all her attitudes.

She is inspired by seeing other professionals doing a perfect job. For her her work process must be meticulous. She studies what the client needs and studies the best design for their features. “My personal values are perfection, constancy, always wanting to improve. I try very hard to do things as well as possible so that the client is happy. After all, I work with people’s faces to make them happier, more confident”

In her free time she tries to go out to the mountains, she dedicates many hours to crossfit, reading, music and cinema.

Artists and tattooers she admires include Laura Jorda, who was her mentor, Sonia Andreu, Lucía Moncayo and Eugenia Arrieta.

From Valencia she can’t recommend only one place, he likes it all. But his favourites are the beach and the Barrio del Carmen.

“I really like being part of NOBLE ART because it’s a great studio. We are like a big family, a small big family. I’ve been with them since I started and I want to stay with them much longer. I love the work technique we have. The fact that we always want to be improving. You always have to improve, you always have to better yourself, you always have to be ambitious about this and NOBLE ART is like that.”

Joana, it’s the first smile you’re going to find as soon as you enter NOBLE ART. She was born in Valencia and declares herself to be in love with its light and life in this city.

Three years ago she started in the tattoo world as a studio manager and from the beginning she was given the story and the hard work behind the tattoo world and behind a tattoo artist.

“That’s what made me live this as a vocation and my respect for the world of tattooers and piercers grew every day”.

If she had to choose an artist she would choose Sailor Jerry as a romantic idea of the iconic figure of the traditional tattooist and how art takes on meaning as a unique piece for each person who wears it.

If you visit València Joana recommends you not to miss one of her favourite places: El Barrio del Carmen, both day and night. “It’s like two different neighborhoods depending on what time you go.”
And if you want a perfect visit, she also recommends the best time of year: during the Fallas. When the streets are crowded, it smells of gunpowder, every corner tells a story, a new place to sit, music to listen to or dance to.

I love those people who have ” vibe ” without almost proposing it. I think that’s why I love the Nike brand.

“Working at NOBLE ART means I’m working with artists and what we offer is art that people will wear forever on their skin, I’m passionate about it. These are the values that I bring to my work on a daily basis: tattooists are artists, tattoos are pieces of art and our clients deserve unique and personalized tattoos”.

Ángel, thirty years old and born in Valencia.

He describes himself as a “pseudo artist”, that is, he does not practice any discipline, but he is a constant consumer.

He has always liked all kinds of art, although he uses tattooing as a means of expression.

In general, he considers himself a pretty serious person and tries to make that reflected in his work. Although, he confesses, sometimes he should learn to let his hair down a bit.

He feels that it is becoming easier and easier to reach artists with great talent. The social networks help a lot in this, but you don’t have to visit the networks because, he confesses, he is lucky to be surrounded by an exemplary team of artists. The perseverance and dedication he sees every day is brutal.

He is addicted to the sun and sports, especially running in the open air. Although, also, he loves to enjoy being at home. A great contradiction!

He loves Balenciaga. According to him, because “he’s managing to associate the street with all the new luxury. He’s unstoppable.”

For him the best thing about Valencia is the good weather, although if he had to choose a place… he would always choose Ibiza.

He is in love with NOBLE ART, a family that is in constant evolution. This keeps him alive and always learning.